What better way to find out what it's like than to read articles our club members & others have written. Be sure to check out our Gallery for tons of pictures.

Many of these are just pictures - a "visual" story!

Images of Whiskey Creek Classic '09

White Cloud 2009 picts

Photos from St Helen 09

Photos & Video from Chandler Hill Challenge 2008

Dave & Bruce make a run to Oshkosh, Mt Arvon and more (2008).

Photos & Video from the '08 Whiskey Creek Classic

Tuck & Roll - Mike shows us the proper procedure.

Video from the Gladwin ORV Trail and surrounding forest roads.

How to Fall (& get back up before they see you)

Video from the 08 Tellico Plains Ride

Work Ride picts from Frederic and St Helen (2007)

Rites of Spring 07 Work Ride & Event Picts

Whiskey Creek 07 Work Ride picts

GLDS Club Ride in Tennessee 07 Picts

Kentucky Winter Dual Sport (Terry)

Toys For Kids (Dave's)

2006 Color Tour (Dave's Pix)

2007 Rites of Spring Sneak Peek

Heavy Metal - Woods Workers

The Vintage Ride 2006 Event Snaps

Dave & Karl's LPDSS 2004

Toys from the Toys for Kids fund raiser in 06

Color Tour 2006, Rose City

UP Color Tour 2006

Denny's Unauthorized DS PreRide

Hunt Creek 06 Work Ride

Club Ride 2006

Six Days of Michigan 2006 Work Ride

Geels 2006 PreRide

Wolverine 2006 PreRide and Ride

Nirvana 06 PreRide and Ride

Safety Patrol 06 PreRide, Camp and Ride.

Rites of Spring 2006 Scenes

Lee Roger's 2003 Trip to Nevada

Lee Roger's 1993 Trip to Nevada

John Bunker's UP Ride in August of 2005

Vintage Ride Trail Tour Picts 2005

Hunt Creek Trail Tour Picts 2005

Big Bux Trail Tour Picts 2005

Chad & Bryan blast through the UP Dual Sport Safari in 2005

Tomahawk Trail Tour event pictures

Rites of Spring 2005 event pictures

Dave Brock and Bruce LeFevre tackle the UP Dual Sport Safari

Picts from a couple summer work rides

The trail back to..

Time Traveler

Then there's thing called "Dual Sport"

Steve Bennet's Picture Story

Photo Gallery

Recent Article:

Dave & Bruce make a run to Oshkosh, Mt Arvon and more (2008).

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